A letter from our CEO...

Welcome to Augaroo!

My name is Tatiana Langseth, and I'm the founder and CEO of Augaroo. Years ago, if you would have asked me what Augaroo is, the answer would have been quite different from today. Today, as you likely know, Augaroo is an industry leader, known for our unique hybrid on-shore/off-shore approach for technology development. With an expertise that spans from mobile-application development, to big-data visualization tools, to traditional enterprise web-applications; Augaroo is known far and wide for both the variety of projects that we engage in, as well as the depth of knowledge that we have in those diverse projects.

The most common question I get from people unfamiliar with Augaroo is, "What does the Augaroo name mean?"

As some people know, but many don't; I started Augaroo to launch an augmented reality application, ARball. While my background is in advertising, marketing, and branding; I wanted to try something new.

The idea for my application was pretty simple. I wanted to create an application that would make our real-world interactions with our friends, families, co-workers, and neighbors more fun and rewarding. I wanted to build something that would create synergies between our cyber world and our real-life experiences; augmented reality was the answer, and thus, ArBall was born.

Augaroo is my take on playing with the letters that make up augmented reality, I wanted something interesting and unique, and that's what the name Augaroo was intended to be. But soon, the interesting and unique nature of Augaroo extended well beyond it's name! After discovering truly amazing technical resources in Eastern Europe to assist with with building the app, Augaroo started focusing not only on mobile applications, but also on consulting.

Today Augaroo covers quite a few areas: BI, Mobile and Web development, Big Data, Marketing and Branding, and, of course, Augmented Reality. I have wonderfully creative, brilliant, and dedicated people working with me on making Augaroo more and more successful, and I'm very proud of each and every one of them.

The teams at Augaroo

Web & Mobile Development
Business Intelligence
Big Data
Data Warehouse
Offshore Engineering

Augaroo, Inc. offers strategic consulting & custom solutions development

through a hybrid model of onshore/offshore development to address our clients’ Business Intelligence (BI), Data Management, Big Data, and Mobile & Web development needs. Our teams, headquartered in Washington DC and with multiple offices in Ukraine, have extensive experience in all aspects of development. Our teams specialize in diverse solutions with multiple levels of complexity and size across a host of technology and industry verticals ranging from energy, telecommunications, retail, marketing, federal civilian agencies and defense/security. We tailor our solutions to best accommodate our clients’ most challenging requirements by selecting the appropriate architecture, tools, and resources.

Our Philosophy

We provide the best combination of resources to match our customers' enterprise and operations cultures, technical environment, and product requirements. We differentiate ourselves from other onshore/offshore providers by creating a true partnership with our clients.  Our leadership team manages and monitors our offshore employees, while still providing our clients direct access to those engineers involved in their projects.

Our Team

  • Tatiana Langseth

    Tatiana Langseth

    Founder & CEO

  • Daniel Uribe

    Daniel Uribe

    VP of Engineering

  • Richard Gardner

    Richard Gardner

    Director of Program Management

  • Isabel Quiroga

    Isabel Quiroga

    Director of Operations

  • Jonathan Avila

    Jonathan Avila

    Technical Manager

  • Dawn Blanchard

    Dawn Blanchard

    Senior UI/UX Designer

  • Ellen Guglielmo

    Ellen Guglielmo

    HR Manager

  • Jefferson Fang

    Jefferson Fang

    Principal Technical Architect

  • Kirill Velikanov

    Kirill Velikanov

    Architect/Team Lead

  • Boris Marchenko

    Boris Marchenko

    Architect/Team Lead

  • Alexander Shumilov

    Alexander Shumilov

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Igor Luzhanov

    Igor Luzhanov

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Artyom Sochinsky

    Artyom Sochinsky

    Software Engineer

  • Dmitriy Gorodnytskyi

    Dmitriy Gorodnytskyi

    Software Engineer

  • Maxim Krasovskiy

    Maxim Krasovskiy

    Software Engineer

  • Valery Gorbunov

    Valery Gorbunov

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Vladimir Molin

    Vladimir Molin

    Software Engineer

  • Dmitry Annenkov

    Dmitry Annenkov

    Assoc. Software Engineer

  • Denis Beliakov

    Denis Beliakov

    QA Engineer

  • Dmitry Kurgansky

    Dmitry Kurgansky

    QA Engineer


Business Intelligence

With multiple individuals that surpass 15 years of experience in BI development, our consulting team has implemented solutions that encompass the whole BI spectrum, from the creation of operational and static reporting solutions, to the more advanced Text and Sentiment Analysis, Data Mining and Dynamic Dashboards and Scorecards. We have implemented solutions that work against small and large data sets with a variety of tools and technologies, and have expertise in predictive analytics.

Data Warehousing & Architecture

Augaroo professionals are well versed in Data Warehousing and Data Modeling best practices. We have experience architecting large Data Warehouses from the ground up. Our experience also includes the optimization of data models for information insertion and extraction. We have implemented complex systems that combine concepts from On-line Transactional Processing (OLTP), On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP), and Operational Data Storage (ODS) to best address the data needs of our customers. The Data Warehouse solutions we have implemented range from a few gigabytes of storage space to multiple terabytes.

Big Data

Augaroo has been helping its customers keep up with constantly increasing computational requirements and corresponding growth in data storage. By utilizing advanced technologies like Hadoop, Hive, hbase, Impala, HDFS, Lucene, d3.js, and Storm, Augaroo has been able to tackle the most challenging scenarios in Big Data. The solutions we have put in place include the analysis and data-visualization of diverse sources of information such as: social networks like Facebook and Twitter, advertising data streams, and from online interactive customer service chats.

Mobile Development

Whether you need iPhone, iPad, Android, or Mobile Web development, Augaroo has the engineering team to help. Our engineers have significant experience building in all of these environments. We build full-stack mobile applications for all-sized businesses. From prototypes for start-ups who are trying to get funding, to enterprise applications for larger customers; we can help you design and build all of the elements required for a successful mobile application: your mobile application, the RESTful API, security mechanisms, caching strategies, and reporting systems.

Custom Development

For those clients whose needs are too specific to be satisfied by existing commercial tools, Augaroo provides expertise in the creation of custom applications using the latest technologies in computer programming. We have the experience of creating a variety of solutions including data processing, web front-end, building custom APIs, and client-server applications to meet the most demanding requirements.


Experienced UI Developer Needed

We are seeking a unique individual with a broad range of Web and/or Mobile development experience and skills to work on front end related activities in a team of other extremely talented software and systems engineers. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to design and implement a wide variety of Web/Mobile applications. A solid understanding of Object Oriented Design Platforms and Service Oriented  Architectures is a must. 

Key Responsibilities:


Open to contract to hire candidates.

Front End Developer


Java Developer

We are looking for a JAVA Developer to design, code, debug, and test software components and web-based applications using J2EE. The candidate will interact with software developers, team members, and clients.

JAVA Developer Duties and Responsibilities:

JAVA Developer Desired Skills and Experience:

Open to contract to hire candidates.

Quality Assurance Analyst

We are currently looking for a QA Analyst to implement quality assurance for our innovative product. The position reports to the VP of Product Services and the candidate will interact with software developers and team members.

QA Duties and Responsibilities

QA Desired Skills and Experience:

Augaroo is conveniently located in Reston Town Center and offers a generous employee benefits package.

Augaroo is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Ruby Engineer

We are looking to hire a Ruby Developer to participate in all phases of the development life cycle including design, coding, testing, documentation as well as deployment and production support. The candidate will interact with software developers, team members, and clients.

Ruby Developer Duties and Responsibilities:

Ruby Developer Desired Skills and Experience:

Open to contract to hire candidates.

Technical Project Manager


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